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A highly refined synthetic fluid working as a long-lasting dust control agent

  • Easy to use

    Simple and easy application

  • Odorless

    Odorless clear fluid

  • Non-corrosive

    Non-corrosive and safe for equipment

  • Non-toxic

    Non-toxic, non-flammable and non-volatile

  • Safe

    Safe for humans, animals, marine life and vegetation

  • Performing

    Long-term performance with UV Ray resistance

  • Self-Healing

    Actively re-workable and self-healing

  • Safe to drive on

    Non-slip finish and safe to drive on once penetrated

  • Eco-friendly

    Eco – environmentally safe

  • Water-resistant

    Formulation resists being washed out by rain

GRT:Wet-Loc is designed to handle heavy and damaging traffic movements.

June 2015 the Central Highlands Regional Council worked with the GRT staff regarding the incorporation of polymer seal products into unsealed pavements. The team from GRT are professional and passionate and further patient, given that during these applications they were providing training to our staff on the incorporation of the product to different materials. With compliments received from rural residents, GRT products have performed beyond expectations and provided maintenance free pavements.

Jason AkersManager Infrastructure Central Highlands Regional Council

Take the next step towards creating better roads with GRT!

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