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Global Road Technology, best known for their revolutionary dust control and soil stabilization products, is preparing to launch a new safety initiative later this year, as part of their corporate responsibility platform.

Dubbed the “GRT Road Safety Initiative”, the goal is to help improve road safety is some of the most remote and disadvantaged areas of the world; tragically, infrastructure is often in the worst shape here, which leads to a much higher than average rate of injuries and fatalities due to roadway incidents.

GRT soil stabilization and dust control products have been helping to reduce traffic injuries and fatalities due to poor infrastructure for years, and now they want to expand their efforts beyond the direct areas in which they work.

The initiative will be funded by GRT as well as the direct contributions of others; funds will be spent in the area or region collected, ensuring that donations will result in measurable local improvements for those making them.


The safety initiative is composed of a three step campaign

Survive the Walk

The step promotes the protection of children on their way to and from school, and other pedestrians.  High visibility bags for the children featuring reflective strips will be distributed – in many of the poorest communities across the globe children do not have school bags at all.

Survive the Ride

The second step focuses on protecting people in remote areas who may ride bikes or motorcycles frequently.  Helmets will be donated to local schools, and education about the need to properly wear them each and every day will be provided.

Survive the Drive

The final step consists of promoting baby and booster seats, and other appliances designed to help reduce child fatalities due to traffic incidents.  Both new and second hand seats will be donated to churches, government organizations, and other central distribution points to get them into the hands of families that need them the most.

It is the sincere hope of GRT that this three-part program will really make an impact in terms of reducing child fatalities in many of the poorest and most needy communities across the globe,
just as their soil stabilization and dust control products are already helping to save lives across dozens of construction projects in developing parts of the world.




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